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GLORY GROUP was founded in 1972. We have been operating a customs clearance business for more than 50 years. GLORY GROUP is not only a long-established enterprise but also possess an innovative corporate culture. We have always been the leading customs broker in Taiwan. For consecutive years, we have been officially recognized as a Class 1 customs broker by Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance. At that time, we were the first one to receive an ISO 28000 certificate and got the AEO certified in 2011. Being the first customs broker that holds the ISO 28000 certificate and the AEO-certification in Taiwan, this signifies that our service quality has received high recognition both domestically and internationally.

Glory Group adopts an internationalized business approach, puts a high value on talent, and relies on robust and advantageous teamwork as a dependable foundation. Our extensive alliances and years of practical experience enable us to meet the comprehensive needs of our clients, which establishes Glory Group's absolute competitive advantage.

Glory Group has skilled customs declarants, providing businesses like yours with fast, accurate and compliant customs clearance to reduce potential risks and to ensure the smooth clearance of your goods. Furthermore, we also provide trade agency services to assist your products in entering the Taiwanese market.

AEO certified


ˇDCustoms Clearance & Consulting

Are you seeking professional, fast, and streamlined import services? We are a specialized team in customs clearance, with a deep understanding of the import and export policies and regulations of Taiwan, we can provide you with professional clearance services, ensuring the smooth clearance of your goods.

Our services cover a wide range of industries, and we have provided services to thousands of clients in the past. With the expansion of our clients' trade activities, we have accumulated extensive practical experience in customs clearance. We not only offer consulting services for various businesses but also undertake the processing of various documents based on specific needs. No matter which industry you belong to, we can provide professional and adaptable customs clearance solutions.

    • Import / Export Customs Consulting
    • Import / Export Clearance Services
    • Ocean Transport / Air Transport
    • Inland transport (Container Tractor / Truck)

GLORY GROUP customs clearance ˇV Fast, Accurate, Efficient.

Authorized Economic Operator
As an AEO company, we are entitled to the highest-level customs clearance benefits. This effectively enhances supply chain security and reduces the costs associated with import and export trade.
Full-Service Customs Expertise

Our professional team is capable of delving into the customer's industry and market, ready to provide the best practical solutions at any time.

Integrated services from a single window
Integrate ocean and air transport, customs clearance, and inland transport to provide logistics and transportation services that meet the needs of enterprises in a one-stop solution.


ˇDTrade Agent

Are you interested in the Taiwanese market but lack relevant understanding?
Are you seeking a reliable sales partner to overcome various challenges?
Are there potential buyers showing interest in your products, but you lack the relevant trade expertise?

When you are faced with various challenges in the Taiwanese sales market, we will provide effective solutions.

We provide comprehensive trade agency services based on your needs and logistics plans, ensuring that your product enters the Taiwanese market without a hitch. We can assist your company in establishing an office in Taiwan, handling necessary registration procedures, providing product import consultation and verifying the authenticity of potential business partners in Taiwan. Furthermore, we can conduct company audits, carry out on-site inspections, provide photographs of the company, build business relationships, and then reduce import risks. Let us collaborate and embark together on the path to success in the Taiwanese market.

We can help you with:
    • Market Analysis
    • Import Customs Consulting
    • Distribution Channel
    • Trade Agent
    • Company Registration
    • Establishing a Local Office.

We are actively seeking innovative and passionate partners in the realm of smart logistics, digital trade and low carbon transition. We believe that through collaborative efforts, we can co-create a future of prosperity and innovation.

If you have any interest in international collaboration regarding smart logistics, digital trade and low carbon transition, please feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us if you have requirements for international logistics or trade agency services. We look forward to collaborating with you!

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